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960 грн. - 975 грн.

By Gander

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Designers of stylish Impulss brand sunglasses understand that a properly designed frame beautifully emphasizes the eyebrow line and face shape. In the collection there are glasses of the classical form, which are suitable for all occasions.

The material for their manufacture is high-quality polymer: hypoallergenic and durable. The frame of the glasses does not cause discomfort, even with prolonged wearing - the creators of the brand managed to achieve the most lightweight design.

In the line are presented as frames of classical shades: brown, gray, and brighter. The lenses are predominantly brown and blue, but some models have blue or red lenses.

The symbol of the brand is put on the shackles of the glasses. Choose your shade and shape of the Impulss. What will be your favorite model: classic or bold and bold?