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Monthly Lenses

Seeing everything and seeing well – This is an incredible opportunity that is not available to everyone. If vision fails, and glasses are not the most practical and convenient option, you can try contact lenses. Do you know the feeling when the glasses   Stayed at home or crashed, worse? And if the glass fogs from a change in temperature? It is the hemispherical droplets that are a complete replacement and alternative to insidious glass. As a result – Acute sight, comfort and quality.

The modern ophthalmic sphere develops and every day presents clients with affordable and convenient options. There are many types of contact devices: breathing lenses , different wearing times, soft contact lenses , with reduced deposits.

Assignment and basic nuances

Write out any prescriptions and ophthalmic instruments should only a specialist specialist after a thorough examination. The oculist will also advise you on the frequency of wearing. By this means the maximum allowable period of wearing a particular pair. There are the following options:

  • - One-day
  • - 1-2 weeks;
  • - Contact lenses for the month;
  • - Long-wearing lenses.

Lenses must meet the necessary requirements, but the main feature is the breathing means that make up the composition. Comfort of wearing directly depends on the transmittance of oxygen: the ratio of oxygen permeability to the level of thickness of the product in its center. Breathing lenses are made of silicone hydrogel, they allow you to saturate the eye with oxygen, respectively, you can walk with them 24 hours a day.

Lens Advantages for a Month

Contact lenses for a month , as a rule, are in great demand. Success lies in the right balance of price, as well as quality. A long period of operation justifies the cost.

In addition, the substitute glasses are available in a wide range (from +6.0 and up to 12.0 diopters). Almost everyone can choose the necessary optical power of the device. Among optics for 1 month are also common breathing lenses , which provide the necessary moisturizing of the cornea. If you decide to experiment with the exterior, you can choose a color version with zero dioptres.  

Lenses for a month can be worn daily or permanent. The first should be placed overnight in a special solution. Eyes will have time to rest, and lenses are disinfected. Permanent can be worn around the clock, but the maximum period of continuous use should be clarified by the manufacturer.

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