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Glasses are a bright accessory for every day!

In the modern world, glasses are considered not only a way to correct sight, but also a stylish and topical accessory. A proper selection of the model frames can emphasize the individuality, give the image a share of sophistication and uniqueness.

Also, an indisputable fact is that a skillfully selected frame for glasses compensates for the shortcomings of appearance, and in some cases even corrects them. The main thing is to understand which model will suit you most. And for this there is one small rule: the perfect frame should be combined with your oval and facial features, the color of hair and skin, to approach your image and wardrobe.

How to make the right choice?

A topical question for every person who plans to buy a frame for glasses. After all, everyone wants to buy not just a beautiful frame, but also a comfortable one. And it would not be bad if it was fashionable and stylish.

The variety of assortment of various models of frames is a chance to find something that will suit you for 100%!

At the moment, there are several basic types of frames:


This type of frames, as a rule, give preference to avant-garde lovers, young and purposeful people who always choose bright unusual shapes and colors. Advantages of this type of frames include a relatively low price, full-color gamut and resistance to any temperature conditions (plastic frame does not crack even at very low temperatures due to the use of special high-quality alloys in the production).


The metal frame is a classic of the genre. It has its positive features-low weight, resistance to mechanical damage, reliability and durability. A feature of these glasses is spraying. For example, precious sputtering (gold in particular) has always been considered the top of excellence and prestige.

What to buy a frame for glasses?

Before making a choice, it is necessary to take into account that fashionable frames are not all of high quality, especially if their cost does not exceed 100-200 UAH. But in most cases it is the quality frame that is the key to good vision, so the main thing is not to ignore this criterion, but to choose really high-quality glasses with a rim.