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100% protection against harmful emissions from Guess products

Sunglasses are not one decade are an inseparable accessory of famous personalities and ordinary people. They perform a decorative function and serve as a necessary protection against the effects of intense radiation, which has a detrimental effect on the health of the eyes. At the same time, not only ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation are harmful. Excessive brightness of light also does some harm to the eyes.

Many consumers choose dark glasses, not considering the presence of UV in them, believing that a simple blackout is enough, but it's a huge mistake. Such optics do much more harm than its absence. In the process of wearing glasses without special protection from radiation occurs « deception » The pupil, and it does not narrow in bright light. As a result, the amount of radiation emitted by the eye increases many times, which leads to microtrauma, which will necessarily make itself felt after some time, the appearance of irreversible metamorphosis in the eyeball.

Why do consumers choose Guess products

Thanks to the unique variety of design and high protective qualities, Guess sun glasses have gained popularity.

The main advantages of this manufacturer's protective optics are:

  • - no distortion of the image (reduces the load on the lens);
  • - high light transmittance with excellent protection against harmful radiation
  • - full protection against the negative impact of all kinds of solar radiation;
  • - acceptable for sunglasses Guess price with excellent quality of the product
  • - increased impact resistance of products, is ensured by the addition of polycorbate in the production of glasses
  • - a wide range of products for children, men and women

Located on the resources of consumers about sunglasses Guess reviews prove high efficiency and maximum convenience when using this protective product.

On the website of the online store "Oki" There is a wide range of these products that allows you to choose the right design for Guess sunglasses and buy not only great eye protection, but also to purchase a fashionable modern accessory.

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