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PureVision 2 HD

Monthly contact lens

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235 UAH

  • Per 1 pcs.
  • For package (6 pcs.)

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MaterialSilicone hydrogel
Optical force+6.0, -6.0, -2.0, -9.5, -3.75, +2.5, -5.5, -1.5, +3.5, -8.5, -3.25, -12.0, -5.0, -0.75, +4.5, -7.5, -2.75, -11.0, -4.5, +1.0, +5.5, -6.5, -2.25, -10.0, -4.0, +2.0, -5.75, -1.75, -9.0, -3.5, +3.0, -5.25, -1.0, +4.0, -8.0, -3.0, -11.5, -4.75, -0.5, +5.0, -7.0, -2.5, -10.5, -4.25, +1.5
Radius of curvature8.6
Replacement modeMonthly
Number of lenses per package6 pcs.

Clear clear vision for various visual impairments

Many people who wish to use contact correctors in their daily life, for various reasons, could not previously use this kind of optics. The appearance of glare, a special sensitivity of the eyes, a predisposition to allergic manifestations, astigmatism, frequent removal and putting on of lenses for a large percentage of patients were insurmountable obstacles. A team of Baush & Lomb specialists developed unique contact lenses PureVision 2 for those who suffer from astigmatism.

These vision correctors allow using them for patients with spherical abnormalities in the structure of the eyeball. This ensures clarity and clarity of vision in low natural / artificial light conditions without the appearance of halos, glare, rainbow circles and blur. The large optical zone (Oslash 14.5) makes it possible for the lens to easily stabilize on the eye, which guarantees excellent correction of astigmatism and high comfort when wearing products.

Comfort and convenience of the corrective optics PureVision 2

The distinctive features of PureVision 2 are:

  • - A special subtlety of the product, which makes it possible to feel comfort after dressing even for those patients who never used contact lenses
  • - ease of installation of the product on the cornea by patients with and without experience
  • - no redness of the eye, sensation of foreign object in the process of wearing;
  • - minimal appearance of halos, glare, spherical aberration, rainbow circles
  • - an excellent vision for various visual impairments, including astigmatism
  • - Acceptable on contact lenses PureVision 2 price.

The surface of the lens is as smooth as possible, which facilitates the most comfortable interaction between the soft correction optics and the patient's eyelid. The smooth surface in tandem with a rounded edge ensures easy stabilization of the optics on the cornea and high quality of vision. Even a beginner can easily cope with putting a pair on his eyes.

At the same time, consumers notice comfort right after installation of corrective products.

Corrective soft lenses of a new generation

Contact optics PureVision 2 is designed for thirty-day use in daylight, prolonged or continuous use. The individual structure of the eye of each person and the unique characteristics of the body require the consultation of an ophthalmologist to make a decision about the prolonged / continuous mode of wearing.

PureVision2 HD soft contact optics is made from silicone hydrogel, a material that provides high oxygen permeability and moisturizing of the eye. Supplying the cornea with oxygen in sufficient quantity practically excludes the possibility of hypoxia, the appearance of irritation and redness of the eyes. High wetting power provides easy gliding of the eyelid over the surface of the product when blinking. Thanks to these indicators contact lenses PureVision 2 to buy can people with insufficient moisturizing of the eyeball (dry eye syndrome) and other visual impairments.

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PureVision 2 HD

PureVision 2 HD

Monthly contact lens

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