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Optima FW (4 шт) View larger

Optima FW (4 шт)

Optima contact lens

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184 UAH

  • Per 1 pcs.
  • For package (4 pcs.)

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Optical force-9.0, -3.5, -5.25, -1.25, -8.0, -3.0, -4.75, -0.75, -7.0, -2.5, -4.25, -6.0, -2.0, -3.75, -5.5, -1.5, -8.5, -3.25, -5.0, -1.0, -7.5, -2.75, -4.5, -0.5, -6.5, -2.25, -4.0, -5.75, -1.75
Radius of curvature8.4, 8.7
Replacement modeQuarterly
Number of lenses per package4 pcs.

Excellent quality of corrective optics at low cost

Among the wide range of lenses for a quarterly replacement of the budget segment, high-quality products Optima FW from the reliable manufacturer Bausch & Lomb have excellent characteristics. A distinctive feature is the optimal combination of quality material, design and high level of manufacturing corrective vision of the product.

Why is the quality of Optima's vision correctors high?

Optima contact lenses are produced by centrifugal casting, which provides an ultra-smooth surface that is resistant to natural biological sediments. Accuracy of selection is ensured by high repeatability of parameters, which makes it possible to perfectly match a wide range of patients. The internal chiseled surface of the product has improved centering, which provides excellent visual acuity with good mobility.

The edges of the lens are ultra-thin and do not cause discomfort in the process of wearing socks. The consumer easily gets used to the foreign object and has the opportunity to wear the product without unpleasant sensations throughout the day. The ultra-thin design of the above corrective contact optics provides sufficient oxygen permeability (similar to a high moisture content lens) and prevents hypoxia of the cornea.


The production uses a strong non-ionic material polymakon (hydrogel with a moisture content of 38.6%), which is most resistant to the formation of natural biological deposits, which facilitates daily care of the product. The properties of the material make it possible to easily control the thickness of the correcting optics during the manufacturing process and to make the lenses as thin as possible having high gas permeability. Hydrogel perfectly retains moisture and does not allow the cornea to dry out. Optima FW buy may people with dry eye syndrome.

Why wearing quarterly contact optics can cause discomfort?

This product is intended for use in the daytime not more than ten hours (prolonged wearing is excluded). Quarterly contact lenses will regularly serve and provide the patient with acute eyesight the specified service life with proper care and hygiene rules. Ignoring recommendations leads to the following side effects:

  • - deposition on the surface of contact optics of conglomerates of denatured protein
  • - the build-up of calcium salt products on a smooth surface
  • - germination on the surface of the product of fungi / microorganisms

All of the above layering occurs when the basic rules of OptimaFW care are violated. Due to careless handling of contact corrective optics, allergic reactions, irritation and redness of the eyes, a feeling of discomfort and even infection of the eyeball can occur.


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Optima FW (4 шт)

Optima FW (4 шт)

Optima contact lens

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