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What is it?
What does this mean for LifeStyle V+?
Visual perception
A new aspherization process.
The minimum amount of distortion.
The results of clinical trials and monitoring of subjective sensation tests were taken into account in a new process of aspherization in the freeform. And in the new distribution of the progression, that would whistle to a minimum the blurriness of the image.
Change settings
in accordance with modern trends in the selection of frames.
Based on the testimony of iDentifier, the parameters have been changed to match the current trends in the selection and wearing of the rim.
Control of design
Binocular eye model
was used to test and create 2 basic designs.
Change the design according to the evaluation of the binocular eye model, which includes:
-Dynamic deformations
-Skew deformations
The binocular model of the eye = the approximate value of how the patient will see the new lenses:
-Distorted images
-Vision while moving
-Speed of change of the image
-Vision of a degree and deviations
-Prismatic effects
These two designs were created from the results of clinical studies, general sensations in wearing, and studies of consumer behavior.
In addition, the basic parameters of the lenses were changed in accordance with the analysis data in the average wearing conditions recorded in IDentifier