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Center of sight «Очі»

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Hardware treatment of eye diseases

The organs of sight give the person a huge amount of information (about eighty percent). Without exaggerating, we can say that without visual images life becomes less colorful and much more difficult. Therefore, it is important to preserve the health of the eyes from infancy to old age.



The loss of visual acuity of surrounding images is influenced by many factors, and necessarily the main reasons for their occurrence are watching TV or working long hours behind a computer monitor. Many diseases a person receives during fetal development (congenital), some are transmitted at the genetic level from the parents (genetic), but in most cases, visual impairment occurs after the moment of birth under the influence of external factors (acquired).

Patients also have diseases that are related to several groups simultaneously.


Whatever the nature of the origin of the pathology, visual defects need to be treated, and it is desirable to start the course immediately after the disease is detected. The highest percentage of recoveries / improvements in the condition is observed in young children and adolescents. In modern ophthalmology for the treatment and prevention of a large number of visual impairments, adult and baby hardware vision treatment.

Devices and health-improving courses for the treatment of organs of vision of the salon «Optics Ochi»

The course of health procedures consists of ten individual lessons lasting from one to one and a half hours. One treatment includes medical procedures on seven to eight units using recreational computer programs. Diagnostic procedures are performed before the beginning of the health course, after the fifth, and then the tenth session. In the process of the curative program, the performance of home exercises, which the treating specialist assigns (instructs them), is mandatory to fix the results. Depending on the diagnosis and the degree of its severity, examination is made in three to six months and, if necessary, repeated vision treatment in children and adults is performed.

Salon «Optics Ochi» offers children and adolescents to undergo treatment for various visual impairments and recommends for improvement various devices aimed at improving the quality of vision. Each of them has a certain effect on the visual organs. For example:


The device is aimed at restoring visual acuity. Duration of one session & ndash; Thirty minutes. Applies to:

  • - ametropia (any forms of all degrees of severity). The special effectiveness of the procedure is noted in the treatment of diseases in young children;
  • - all existing forms of abdomen in patients of all ages (severity – any);
  • - rehabilitation of patients suffering from organic forms of pathology (disturbances in the work of the optic nerve, glaucoma). Thanks to the effect of the device, visual functions are maintained at the highest possible level and the size of the visual fields is expanded;
  • - spasm of accommodation. AMBLIOCORE-EYE (treatment of vision) is marked as highly effective in asthenopia, decreased performance due to visual fatigue, headaches. Also, the device is a powerful preventive tool with high loads on the organs of vision (working behind a monitor, processing small parts, making jewelry, etc.);
  • - unsatisfactory performance after refractive surgery.

The device significantly reduces the rate of falling vision with age-related hypermetropia and allows to stabilize the functional abilities of the organs of vision at a high level. The special effectiveness of the device is proved in the treatment of the above pathologies of the visual organs in children and adolescents.


Used in ophthalmology for vacuum massage.

It is used in the treatment of:

  • - keratitis
  • - chronic blepharitis;
  • - myopia
  • - amblyopia
  • - glaucoma
  • - age-related retinal diseases (central, peripheral)
  • - cataract
  • - strabismus,

and also reduces the level of astigmatism after trauma / surgical intervention, improves the effectiveness of the drugs (internal / intravenous) used in the treatment of this disease. The duration of the procedure is from five to fifteen minutes.

Children's ophthalmic room offers health-improving courses using the above and below listed devices:

  1. Ambliopanorama
  2. AFR
  3. ATO
  4. Diplomacy.
  5. Rainbow
  6. A trickle.
  7. Phosphene Mini
  8. ESO

In the ophthalmologic cabinet of the salon «Optics Ochi» works doctor ophthalmologist (child) , who will find an individual approach to a child of any age and turn the treatment procedures into an interesting and fascinating occupation.

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