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In many diseases, corrective glasses are prescribed for corrective vision. Modern manufacturers offer consumers a huge selection of frames from various materials. The most common and demanded products are plastic and metal. There are three main types of frames:

  1. Rigged option. Such products are tested by time, it is comfortable and convenient to use. Are made of all kinds of materials. Optics are installed in a closed circle.
  2. Semi-legitimate. In this case, the lower or upper frame is completely removed. Products have a lower weight and an increased lateral view. The lenses are attached with a fishing line.
  3. Unprofitable. Both frames (bottom and top) are completely absent. The optics are fixed with screws.

The widest choice of frames and lenses can be found in the salon "Optics Ochi".

The master optician will install the necessary lens with the exact observance of the indications specified in the recipe.

What is the optics for glasses

Corrective optics is inserted into the frame. Spectacle lenses are made of glass or plastic by special technologies. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of glass products include resistance to the appearance of scratches. The disadvantages include the severity of finished products. With increasing dioptries, the mass of glass optics also increases. The greatest weight is attributed to the shortcomings of this type of product.

For people with large diopters, it is recommended to use lenses manufactured using the latest technologies. They make it possible to produce a polymer thin lens with a minimum weight.

Products made of synthetic polymer, do not beat. It is quite light and comfortable. The disadvantages include susceptibility to scratches and abrasions. The life of such lenses is less than that made of glass.

Manufacturers offer photochromic optics. In the sunlight it darkens, protecting the eyes from bright light. For those who want to protect their eyes from the effects of ultraviolet radiation, manufacturers produce polarized lenses. In them, the patient is protected not only from harmful rays, but also from glare.

Quality repair from the specialists of Optika Ochi

For various reasons, from time to time, it may be necessary to repair glasses, frames. Specialists will make quality repairs:

  • Replacing or polishing the lens (only plastic lenses are polished without any special coatings).
  • Restoring the normal functionality of the bow (requires loosening the loosened screws).
  • Repair of frames (correction of deformation, restoration of the integrity of the plastic frame, welding of the fault by laser welding technology).

If you want to make quality glasses or repair them, you need to contact the specialists of the Optics Ochi showroom. Masters will fulfill the order in the shortest time with a guarantee of quality for all the work done.

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