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Terms of starting a business


  • Ophthalmologist's office equipment - $17'000;
  • Furniture - in accordance with the size of the room;
  • Glasses making workshop - $15'000;

Entry fee (lump sum, deductible):


The entrance fee includes:

  • Consultations on the structure of doing business
  • optics project (draft, visualization)
  • Software (study);
  • equipment list;
  • list of finished furniture;
  • individual furniture project;
  • assisting in optics control;
  • training;
  • during the cooperation, we provide our partner with all the know-how to improve the business and profit growth of both parties;
  • after the expiration of the contract of commercial concession, and in the absence of severe violations of compliance with the standards of the system, the contract can be prolonged under the same conditions, but without paying a lump sum fee

Payback period:

from 12 to 24 months

Requirements for the potential franchisee and place for the franchise facility:

Requirements for the room:

  • The cross-country people;
  • The area from 80 to 300 square meters
  • Front entrance and at least one front window;
  • It is desirable to enter without steps (maximum two);
  • Electric power: one phase from 15kW or three phases from 10kW;
  • Availability of water supply and sewage;
  • Existence of the ventilating channel with section from 14 cm X 14 cm;
  • The possibility of placing the outdoor unit air conditioner is not on the front wall;

Area Requirements:

from 80 to 300 square meters.

Required number of employees:

from 4 to 9 people

Regular deductions:

3.0% / monthly (turnover).

Benefits of cooperation

Ochika Optics is a network of opticians with a successful business model, including the full range of optical services: the office of an ophthalmologist, a workshop for making glasses, hardware treatment of children and adolescents, selling frames, sunglasses, contact lenses.

Return on investment - from 12 to 24 months.

Sequence of cooperation

After the conclusion of the contract to frachising, the staff of the Otika Ochi network team will accompany partners at all stages of the opening and operation of optics.
In the framework of cooperation the company Optics "Ochi" carries out:

• Reconciliation of the previously discovered location for opening Otika Ochi;
• Development of the project of optics;
• Development of the project of individual furniture;
• Franchisee training in all processes of optics;
• Starting the team in the new optics.


Pravdenko Nikolai Aleksandrovich
+38(097)900 62 77